International Meeting on Cosmology : semianalytic models (SAMs) and hydrodynamic simulations (HSs)



10-13 June 2014

start: Tuesday 10h30

end: Friday 15h30


Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille LAM don't know Marseille?! Marseille Tourist Office

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Within the currently favoured LCDM model, the global composition and geometry of the Universe are now well constrained. If the formation of large scale structure is driven by the dynamics of the dark matter, on smaller scales, the physics of the baryons determine the formation of luminous objects. Galaxies are one of the main probes of the observable Universe. Therefore understanding their formation in a cosmological context is thus a crucial challenge for astrophysics. This question is more and more investigated by current and future observationnal projects like Spitzer, Herschel, BOSS, VIPERS, LSST, eBOSS, (MS)DESI, PFS-SuMIRe, SKA, Euclid....Pursuing the same strategy of the very successful, previous international Cosmo- meetings hosted at Marseille/LAM since 2008 (*), this workshop is intended as an informal 3/4-days meeting to discuss in a focused, technical way about the most recent progresses in modelling galaxy formation in a cosmological context. For all the following, standard topics we intend to discuss the most recent ideas, algorithms and results as well as comparisons with existing data or future projects. We also aim consolidating existing collaborations and fostering new ideas and collaborations.

Aiming at offering an informal and productive ambiance, the attendance is limited to 50 people. All the contributions will be available online in pdf format.

(*) CosmoTools (2008), CosmoClusters (2009), CosmoZsurvey (2009), CosmoFirstObjects (2011), CosmoBias (2012), CosmoLens (2013)


- Hierarchical structure formation

- Gas accretion and cooling

- Star formation

- Stellar evolution and the reprocessing of starlight by dust

- Stellar feedback

- Structural properties of disc galaxies

- Galaxy mergers and AGN activity

- Tidal interactions and ram-­‐pressure stripping

- Baryonic and dark matter interplay, impact on dark matter detection


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Review and contributed talks:

A. Boselli: The role of the environment in galaxy evolution: models vs. observations AB

N. Bouché: Inflows/outflows: What regulates SFR? NB

D. Burgarella: CIGALE : modelling the reprocessing of starlight by dust DB

J. Chevallard: Insights into the Content and Spatial Distribution of dust from the Integrated Spectral Properties of GalaxiesJC

R. Crain: Feedback in the Eagle simulationsRC

J. Devriendt: Galaxy angular momentum in cosmological simulations JD

R. Dominguez-Tenreiro: GRASIL-3D: an Implemention of Dust Effects in the SEDs of Simulated Galaxies RDT

N. Fanidakis: AGN feedback: comparison between SPH and semi-­‐analytics NF

F. Fontanot: Feedback in semianalytic models of galaxy formation FFFB

F. Fontanot: Bulge-­‐to-­‐disc ratios and the origin of the morphological sequence FFbulge

S. Genel: Gas accretion in cosmological N-­‐body simulations SG

V. Gonzalez-Perez: How sensitive are predicted galaxy luminosities to the choice of stellar population synthesis model?VGP

G. Granato: GRASIL: modelling the reprocessing of starlight by dust GG-Grasil

G. Granato: Brightest cluster galaxies in cosmological simulations: achievements and limitations of AGN feedback modelsGG-BCGs

Qi Guo: Environmental effect on galaxy formation: ram-­‐pressure and tidal stripping QG

B. Henriques: The importance of reincorporation of gas ejected from the evolution of stellar masses, SFRs and downsizing trends. BH

O. Ilbert: Stellar mass assembly in the COSMOS field: comparison with SAMs OI

Y. Jing: Merger timescale of galaxies YPJ

A. Knebe: Halo Finders and Tree Makers. AK

C. Lacey: Gas accretion and cooling in SAMs CL

J. Lavalle: Impact of galaxy formation on dark matter particle searches JL

N. Mandelker: The Effects of Feedback on VDI in High Redhsit Disc Galaxies NM

P. Mollitor: Baryonic and dark matter distribution in cosmological simulations of spiral galaxies PM

C. Peroux: Observational Constraints on Gas Flows around z~1 GalaxiesCP

V. Perret: On the consequences of a self-gravity SF criteria in numerical simulations VP

F. Renaud: Star formation laws and their implementation in HS FR

M. Schaller: Impact of the hydrodynamical scheme (SPH) on simulations of galaxy formation MSc

V. Springel: Feedback in cosmological simulations with Arepo VS

M. Stringer: Understanding/Connecting the emergent results of models from/to physical principlesMSt

R. Teyssier: Feedback in cosmological simulations with Ramses RT

Participants (51) :

Christophe Adami, Philippe Amram, Lia Athanassoula, Roland Bacon, Mario Bonamigo, Alessandro Boselli, Albert Bosma, Veronique Buat, Denis Burgarella, Andrea Cattaneo, Jacopo Chevallard, Morgane Cousin, Robert Crain, Sylvain de la Torre, Giulia Despali, Julien Devriendt, Rosa Dominguez-Tenreiro, Nikos Fanidakis, Fabio Fontonot, Francesca Fragkoudi, Shy Genel, Violeta Gonzalez-Perez, Gianluigi Granato, Qi Guo, Nimish Hathi, Bruno Henriques, Olivier Ilbert, Ypeng Jing, Eric Jullo, Katarina Kaljic, Alexander Knebe, Cedric Lacey, Julien Lavalle, Olivier Le Fevre, Brian Lemaux, Marceau Limousin, Nir Mandelker, Pol Mollitor, Emmanuel Nezri, Aurelie Penin, Celine Peroux, Valentin Perret, Denis Puy, Florent Renaud, Matthieu Schaller, Volker Springel (video), Martin Stringer, Lidia Tasca, Romain Teyssier (video), Laurence Tresse, Marie Treyer


Andrea Cattaneo (LAM), Emmanuel Nezri (LAM), Laurence Tresse (LAM), Alain Blanchard (IRAP), Nicolas Bouche (IRAP)


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Practical informations

Marseille/Nice/Lyon airport, then shuttle/train (TGV) to Marseille. In particular:

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