Main courses:

Small oral contributions

  1. R. Hascoet: Origin of the bright prompt optical emission in the naked-eye burst ( Hascoet.pdf )

  2. F. Piron: Fermi observations of GRB prompt emission ( Piron.pdf )

  3. R. Filgas: Two-component jet of GRB 080413B ( Filgas.pdf )

  4. S. Schulze: The optical-to-X-ray flux density ratio of Swift afterglows ( Schulze.pdf )

  5. Z. Cano: The GRB-SN connection: Exploring GRB progenitors with multi-wavelength observations ( Cano.pdf )

  6. A. Rowlinson: Discovery of the afterglow and host galaxy of the low redshift short GRB 080905A ( Rowlinson.pdf )

  7. A. Franckowiak: Optical follow-up of high-energy neutrinos detected by IceCube ( Franckowiak.pdf )

  8. A. Dietz: Searches for gravitational waves associated with gamma-ray bursts in LIGO and Virgo data ( Dietz.pdf )

  9. T. Aune: VERITAS Observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts ( Aune.pdf )

  10. M. Vecchi: Detection of transient sources of HE neutrinos with the ANTARES telescope ( Vecchi.pdf )

  11. S. Vergani: GRB host galaxies with X-Shooter ( Vergani.pdf )

  12. C. Koen: Predicting GRB redshifts from lightcurves ( Koen.pdf )

  13. Y. Qiu: The Optical Telescope for SVOM Mission ( Qiu.pdf )

  14. S. Davis: Proton Beam Instability Simulations of Energy Transfer in Gamma-ray Bursts via Laser Irradiation on CH–H+ Foil ( Davis.pdf )


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